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your brand deserves scroll-stopping images.

To enhance your photography project, we offer additional add-ons tailored to your specific needs and preferences. These include:

  • Videography
  • Site visits for pre-planning and scouting.
  • Multiple photographers for larger projects
  • Expedited delivery options for quicker turnaround times
  • Design and printing of coffee table-style photo story books for offices or as unique gifts.


Once the photography session is complete, our work continues behind the scenes. We curate, edit, and optimize the final images to showcase your brand's unique story.

We provide a private online proof gallery for your review, allowing you to select your images for final delivery. The number of images delivered is custom to each project's requirements.

The proof gallery is typically ready 14 days after the photography session, with rush delivery options available upon request. All image deliveries are conveniently made via secure digital download.


Our projects typically range from half-day to full-day, but are fully customizable to suit your needs. Our style and approach are guided by your brand and company aesthetic, carefully identified during the planning phase.

For adventure photography projects, we capture the character, personality, and essence of your brand while been respectful stewards of the natural environment.

Creative direction

During the planning phase, we delve into the core of your brand.

With an initial in-planning meeting to get us started, we will conduct multiple pre-planning meetings to identify your brands visual identity and meticulously plan the project.

This process is a collaborates with you, producing mood boards, storyboards, and location selection. We co-create an itinerary and production schedule for each day of photography, and if needed, site visits and location scouting can be arranged. The end result is a Photoshoot Master Action Plan (MAP) ready to be used by all parties involved.


Contact us about your vision and project needs. Or schedule a phone or video chat consultation with Becca.

Have a general idea of when you want the project to take place and/or when you need the final images delivered.

Every brand and project is unique. After we connect we will create a custom proposal to meet your specific needs. 


At BH Brand Co., it's all about visual storytelling. We create captivating images that foster intentional connections with your target audience and help you communicate the unique story of your brand.

Led by Becca Hofmann, we specialization in brand, personal brand, and lifestyle photography. Such as a personal brand getting complete marketing collateral, or a multi-million dollar company getting specific images for a target campaign, and anything in between.

Whatever your project and company size, BH Brand Co. is here to get you the professional images you need to standout and make an impact. 


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BH Brand co.

BH Brand Co. specializes in lifestyle and brand photography. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are passionate about capturing the essence of lifestyle and showcasing the unique stories through photography. We collaborate closely with brands to create visual narratives that embody the core values and experiences they offer. From capturing authentic moments to showcasing products, our images evoke emotions, inspire connections, and engage the target audience. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and translate it into stunning imagery that reflects their brand's identity.

Bring your photography vision to life with BH Brand Co. If you're a business seeking lifestyle and brand photography that truly represents your unique story, look no further than BH Brand Co. Our expertise enables us to create visuals that tell the story of your brand and resonate with your target audience. Contact us today to collaborate and bring your brand's captivating tale to life through stunning and engaging lifestyle and brand photography.

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Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, BH Brand Co. specializes in personal branding, lifestyle, headshot, commercial, marketing, website and event photography. Elevating, encouraging, and empowering entrepreneurs to share their badass brand. Creative, detailed, and genuine photography that captures the authentic you and captivates your ideal client through thoughtful brand strategy. 

BH Brand Co. is committed to promoting diversity, equality, and representation. You will never see discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. 


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