5 Tips to Bring the Social back to Social Media

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Post and Toast (vs. Post and Ghost)

Before you post content go and support other businesses by liking, commenting, saving, and most importantly sharing their content. After you post, go and give a toast again to other content. Not only will this boost your own post, but it is a great way to support other business owners just like yourself!

Local Tags

With a location specific business you will want to utilize local hashtags to reach those in or interested in your specific location. Get as specific as you can, the more niched-down you are able to get the better you will be at reaching the people you want to connect with. Not sure where to start? Research the local tourism department to find their hashtag.

Respond to Comments

Encourage discussion when you respond to comments. Ask the commenter follow-up questions, show genuine interest in what they have to say and you will find you gain genuine interest as well.

Comment on Relevant Comments

When you are tagged follow along the conversation and comment on any relevant comments. As a brand photographer this looks like someone commenting on how the image pops, or how great the person looks in the image. This is my sign in chime in and agree about how wonderful my client was during their session. Not only does commenting boost the post for your client (win) it also shows that you helped them (win-win).

Share The Post

Share all posts you are tagged in to your stories. I’m sure we all know by now that most of our content isn’t being seen my our followers. Give a friend a helping hand and share the posts that you are tagged in or where you just love the message and want to support them. Not only do your stories get seen by more people but you are helping your clients reach a bigger audience as well.

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5 Tips to Bring the Social back to Social Media

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