You are a busy service provider, you know the core elements you are selling in your business are your time and your expertise. Time is finite. You know this, but no matter how good you are at what you do, there will never be more than 24 hours in a day. Panic-inducing as this may […]

Outsourcing as a Small Business Service Provider

Life coach splashing in mountain lake.

Stop what you are doing and answer this question: Why does your business exist in the first place? No really, write down an answer (I promise I know you are a busy entrepreneur but there is a reason behind the madness). Have it written down? Happy with the answer? Great. Now, be honest. Is your […]

Stop What You are Doing and Answer this Question:

Post and Toast (vs. Post and Ghost) Before you post content go and support other businesses by liking, commenting, saving, and most importantly sharing their content. After you post, go and give a toast again to other content. Not only will this boost your own post, but it is a great way to support other […]

5 Tips to Bring the Social back to Social Media