Utah Fall Fitness Photoshoot

Personal branding photoshoot for a strength and conditioning coach out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Brand image is an essential part of any personal brand, but especially for those in the fitness industry, such as strength and conditioning coaches. As a coach you are guiding your clients and athletes toward their fitness goals, it is imperative for future clients to see you at work and trust that you have both empathy and expertise to help them reach their goals.

Liz decided her business was ready for a personal brand photoshoot so she could create cohesion in her brand. She was done using stock images like so many of her competitors do. Instead she wanted a custom library of brand images created specifically for her brand to be used in all marketing and advertising materials (e.g. website, social media channels, email newsletters, etc.). She wanted a custom stock image gallery so she didn’t have to waste any more of her time and money searching for images that didn’t even accurately represent her brand.

For fitness coaches especially it is especially helpful to have a custom library of stock images as they are useful in demonstrating various techniques and exercises. They can show proper form and can be used to educate your clients, and help them to better understand the programs you offer and the benefits of your services.

She also wanted to showcase the natural beauty of northern Utah and the different sports she, and her athletes, participate in across all seasons. At BH Brand Co. we knew this was an opportunity to showcase her expertise, personality, and unique features that makes her brand stand out. We would focus on capturing her brand’s essence, personality, and values. For this reason, we decided a membership that would cover all the seasons would be the best fit for her brand to get the images she was really looking for.

With a membership, she would be having multiple photoshoots throughout the year. This will allow her to plan our content well in advance knowing that she will be able to get specific images to match her content needs as her business grows and changes. Having consistent images does so much more than just look good, they are critical for building brand recognition and establishing trust with future clients.

We planned her session to consider the types of images she needed the most at the moment. We focused on getting headshots, behind-the-scenes, client-facing work coaching clients, images of her training areas, and personality images showcasing skateboarding. We did all of this across multiple locations with different models, making sure to emphasize the yellow aspens against the dark green pine trees which are indicative of fall in the Wasatch Mountains.

In the gallery below you will see a portion of the custom stock image gallery we crafted to help her get noticed and captivate their curiosity and build trust with future clients.

If you are in the fitness industry let’s get you a custom library of images for your own business. Images that represent your brand, images that you can’t wait to use. You know brand images – but badass.

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Utah Fall Fitness Photoshoot

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