Brand Identity VS Brand Strategy

Craft a badass brand that’s made to last.

Brand and branding have become buzzwords I hear all the time. As a business owner, you have likely heard it too, and the word will likely conjure up differing thoughts in your mind. But have you heard people talk about crafting a brand identity, or working on brand strategy? What are they talking about even? Let’s talk about it!


Simply put, your brand is the perception people have about your business. A successful brand helps direct people into perceiving what they intend. They do this through every single interaction a person has with your brand. From the first time hearing about you to your client experience. Every step plays a part in crafting the perception your client and future clients have about your business – the brand.

It is crucial to be successful these days that you have a clear and concise brand that attracts the right clients so you can stand out from the competition.


Brand identity is all about the visual and sensory parts of your brand. This includes brand photography, videography, logo, elements, color pallet, typography, and overall aesthetic. It also includes the tone of voice and choice of words. In essence, it is the look of feel of the brand.

Consistent brand identity will help your clients with brand recognition and loyalty by helping you differentiate it from its competitors. Clients and future customers alike will be able to remember and recognize the brand from its consistent visual elements. Having a strong brand identity is one way to create a consistent perception of your business in the mind of your audience.


Brand strategy is how your business positions itself in the market. It is a long-term and strategic plan. Included in the strategy would be the ‘Why’ behind the brand, ideal clients, messaging, USP (unique selling proposition), and more. It is the overall blueprint that helps you, and everyone else working for your business, understand how to interact and communicate.

A brand strategy will help establish a business’s authority in the industry as well as build on its empathy and understanding for its customers, which will increase sales and brand loyalty. Consistent messaging reassures clients that they can trust the business and get behind their brand forming a lasting community of loyal fans.

Why Each is Essential for the Success of a Business

Brand identity and brand strategy work together to create the base of a badass brand that will last the test of time.

Clear brand identity helps with brand recognition and recall. If a brand constantly changes the way it looks it will create confusion in its audience. People like consistency, when you are feeling bored with your brand colors and feeling, that is when your audience is just starting to remember it!

A solid brand strategy gets the message of the business across to the audience and will create a community. This is also where your business gets to differentiate itself from the competition, really driving home why YOUR business is the one that is best equipped to help your clients reach their goals. Without clear differentiators, your clients will be left assuming that cost is the only difference between you and your competition. If you don’t plan to compete on cost, then it is crucial you constantly show your audience what it is that sets you apart from the competition.

Both components are essential for small businesses to succeed in today’s market. When working on your brand be sure to focus on both identity and strategy, this will really help you create a badass brand that stands out, and resonates with your ideal client, ultimately driving sales and growth.





Brand Identity VS Brand Strategy

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