Branding, What Is It?

“Branding is so important.” “Your brand is at the core of your business.” “Tell me about your brand.”

But, what exactly is a brand?

I’m sure you have heard and and see it all over the place. It seems that is 2022 the brand buzzword is all over the place, but what is branding and why should you care?

The simplest answer I have ever seen is by Kung Pik Liu:

“(Branding) includes what your company believes, how it looks, and how it acts.”

Essentially branding is building a relationship with your audience.

Many elements go into this relationship:

  1. Visual Elements: Imagery (including brand photography), Graphics, Logo, Colors, etc.
  2. Marketing and Sales: The processes you use to sell and market (I love the Storybrand method of marketing and selling)
  3. Company Culture: Who are you? This is even more important for personal brands (more below).
  4. Brand Purpose: The causes you believe in and the things your brand is against
  5. Customer Service: How you treat your customer and how you want them to feel after working with you
  6. Products/Services: What you create and/or sell

As a personal brand you lie at the intersection of what you offer, what your client needs, and what makes you unique (personality, experiences, quarks, etc.).

People buy from people, especially for a high-ticket service item. They want to know, like, and trust who they are purchasing from. With a cohesive brand you can achieve just that.

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Branding, What Is It?

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