The Mini Brand Photoshoot, is it Right for You?

Have you ever wondered how long your personal branding photoshoot actually NEEDS to be?

With so many options and variations out there it can be difficult, if not impossible to first choose. From the multi-day photography productions to the fifteen-minute mini session and everything in-between; there are so many options it can result in indecision.

It is important to understand your photography goals when considering investing in any type of brand photography. But if you are on a budget, know you only need a few key images, or are testing out your compatibility with a photographer then a shorter session might just be the perfect fit.

Checkout the results from one such session below. There are a few key factors that made this fifteen minute session a success for this new real estate brand photography client.

How to make your shorter brand photography session a resounding success:

  1. Plan for your session.
    • These images need to be on-brand and impactful for your business, otherwise why invest in getting beautiful, yet, useless images? Create a list of no more than 5 key shots you need to get out of the session. Better yet, your photographer should be planning out your photoshoot with you to help you understand what those key shots may be and how they will communicate with your ideal client (more on that in another post). Don’t forget to plan for the props you will need, and when having a shorter session, less is more.
  2. Location is key.
    • With only fifteen or so minutes for the photography session it is essential to choose a location that fits your brand and can get you the key images you identified before. Things to consider when thinking of a location are how busy it will be (the more people the more time the photographer will need to work around others), how much variety you can get at that one location (are there a few buildings or interesting walls that an add variety), and when does the sun and the light make the location best for the session (your photographer should be able to help you determine this).
  3. Layer for quick wardrobe variety.
    • The time will fly. Don’t get caught wasting precious minutes changing your outfit completely. Instead layer for easy variety. Sweaters, scarves, hats, necklaces, jackets, and bags are all great options when looking to change it up quickly and easily. Bonus points if all of your wardrobe items are in your brand colors!
  4. Have Fun!
    • Having a good time, feeling comfortable, and enjoying yourself will all result in better images. When you are nervous or uncomfortable it is normal to tense our bodies and force a smile. With such little time you will want to be feeling as good as possible when the photoshoot starts. Affirmations, music, and dancing are all great ways to feel more comfortable while being photographed.

With the real estate agent in the brand photographs above it was clear that a shorter session would meet her needs. Specifically she wanted images for her website as well as some social media posts. She wasn’t looking for enough content to cover an entire year, or even a few months. Just a few images to mix into the other content she was already posting to social media. She had a location that she loved that included multiple buildings clustered together, and she layered to add quick variety to her images.

All said and done after fifteen minutes of shooting she had a gallery of over fifty on-brand images to choose from!





The Mini Brand Photoshoot, is it Right for You?

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