Connect with Your Audience with Visuals If you think that your brand story is a timeline of your business’s history, think again. It’s actually a powerful way for you to connect with your audience, convey your business values, and build community. Brand stories don’t have to be boring. This should be all about your client, […]

Create a Compelling Brand Story With Images

A Checklist for busy business owners who value their time and know that quality matters. Branded photography is an essential part of building a recognizable brand. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your brand’s image, hiring a professional brand photographer can help you achieve your goals. With so many photographers out there, […]

Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Business

Creative direction in a photo shoot is the key to going beyond beautiful images. Simply put, it is the plan that comes before the session. It is so much more than logistics and coordination (though that is a part too). It is crafting visual storytelling – with a purpose. You already know that planning your […]

The Key to a Killer Photo Shoot – Creative Direction

Salt Lake City, Utah Fall Photography Client Spotlight Caroline is the owner of Topaz Healing a therapy practice that focuses on the mind-body connection and nervous system awareness to help heal trauma. As her business was growing she knew it was time her brand images grew alongside her business. She wanted to go beyond the […]

Therapist Personal Branding Photography

Veronica M. came to me with a vision. She was relaunching her musical career as a singer and guitarist and she needed a variety of professional images to get her started on the right path. Photo Shoot Goals She specifically wanted images showcasing her as a guitarist and singer. Veronica’s goals included getting more social […]

Urban Musician Personal Branding Photo Shoot

Park City, Utah real estate agent winter photoshoot - Becca Hofmann Photography

Location, location, location. It may be the old adage for real estate, but it is also true for brand photo shoots.  With a solid knowledge of your brand, your image needs established, and your date picked out the next step is deciding where to have your photography session. The setting of your images is part […]

Locations and Lighting

Meet Misty Maki Misty owns and runs a boutique real estate brokerage, Maki Real Estate, with a thriving business she knew it was time to get brand images that matched her professional look. Images that would set her apart from all the other realtors in the area. Knowing that her time is valuable, she decided […]

Utah Realtor Brand Photo Shoot – Misty Maki

So, what is a brand? That’s right, your logo alone is not your brand. But neither is your font choices, colors, content pillars, website, mission statement, or even photographs! Gasp! Did Becca Hofmann the brand photographer really just say that? Yup, I’ve seen a lot of misinformation lately and I’m here to put it straight […]

Psst, Your Logo is NOT Your Brand

Park City, Utah real estate agent photoshoot in a coffee shop - Becca Hofmann Photography

Have you ever wondered how long your personal branding photoshoot actually NEEDS to be? With so many options and variations out there it can be difficult, if not impossible to first choose. From the multi-day photography productions to the fifteen-minute mini session and everything in-between; there are so many options it can result in indecision. […]

The Mini Brand Photoshoot, is it Right for You?