Urban Musician Personal Branding Photo Shoot

Musician Personal Brand Photo Shoot by BH Brand Co.

Veronica M. came to me with a vision. She was relaunching her musical career as a singer and guitarist and she needed a variety of professional images to get her started on the right path.

Photo Shoot Goals

She specifically wanted images showcasing her as a guitarist and singer. Veronica’s goals included getting more social media followers, and getting inquiries for shows through her website and blogs. She was interested in getting key images that would really showcase what she can offer.

Personal Branding Photo Shoot Process

Veronica and I decided a shorter session would work best for her goals as well as fitting within her budget. We planned on meeting at an urban location to showcase the type of music Veronica performs. The Main Street location worked well to showcase Veronica as a down-to-Earth musician, it also provided us with multiple locations and backgrounds within a very short walking distance.

We crafted three storylines to showcase: 1. Who she is. 2. The guitarist, and 3. The singer. With multiple outfit changes and different props helping to tell the story of her brand from multiple angles as well as give her a large variety in a short amount of time.

One of my top tips for small business owners planning a personal branding photo shoot is to bring props that help tell the story of their brand. If they want to sell or showcase something specific be sure to bring along the tools of the trade! Veronica included her guitar and microphone giving her brand images variety and emphasize what she wants to do more of! 

The Result

Veronica’s gallery is full of fun and upbeat lifestyle branding photos. She has a full gallery ready to be used. She plans to use them on posters, performance announcements, social media as well as on her website! Professional images like these help musicians attract opportunities and market their skills. Veronica has already used her brand pictures to update her Facebook page and Instagram. Scroll to see the marketing pictures from this musician personal business photo shoot at an urban main street location.





Urban Musician Personal Branding Photo Shoot

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