Why Do You Need Brand Photography Anyway?

The average person will see approximately 10,000 ads per day. That is up from 5,000 ads in 2007. source As a business owner in a world filled with constant images, it is more important than ever to have impactful images. Images that create a connection. It isn’t difficult to connect with your ideal clients, they just need to get to know, like, and then trust you. So let’s talk about why brand photography is so important to the success of your business.

KNOW – Marketing + Brand Photography

If your ideal clients don’t know you exist, then they can’t buy from you. This is marketing. You need to get your business known in the sea of other businesses.

So how does brand photography help? Custom visuals are the quickest and easiest way get yourself noticed by your ideal clients. But wait! What about reels and short-form video! I hear you, and that is a currently a very popular way to get more views. And it is not a bad thing to do, but how many of those people are your ideal clients? How many of those reels viewers have converted to new clients? I would like to argue that you need to go beyond dancing to trending music to get noticed by the people you want to notice you.

Additionally your ideal clients can find you from so many more places than just social media, think online searches, your website, podcasts, magazine articles, billboards, business cards, and so much more! Static visuals will always have a place in marketing your business, don’t get caught in the lie that video is the only way to go.

LIKE – Branding + Brand Photography

Great, you have gotten your business name out there! Now what? You need to transform your ideal clients from just knowing you exist to liking what you offer. Customers think of themselves, they want know what you can offer them. This isn’t highschool homecoming, they aren’t there to judge you based on what you look like (which is why you don’t need to lose those 10 pounds). They are there to see if you are solving a problem they have, if you can improve their lives. Essentially they are trying to see if your brand fits their needs. And if they are your ideal client then you need to make sure your branding is in order to make them feel like you are more than capable of solving their problems!

This is even more true if you are a personal brand, meaning your clients associate you with what you are selling, then it is vital you show up in your brand visuals. People trust people more than brands, so as a personal brand, showing yourself as a real person, brings a level of like-ability that is key to a brands success.

So again, what does this have to do with brand photography? Since people connect with people you need to showup in your brand visuals! No more hiding behind stock images, if you hide you will get lost. You need to show up and keep showing up, until you become a familiar face.

TRUST – Strategy + Brand Photography

Your ideal clients have found you, they like you, now what makes them take that last step to trust you?

You convey empathy and authority. This may take a bit of strategy, you don’t want to show too much empathy – you don’t want to depress your clients or make them feel like their problem can’t be solved. Nor do you want to show too much authority. It really is a balancing act.

You show them that not only do you understand their problems, but you can help them solve their problem. Consistent professional looking images will give your business the authority they are looking for, you showcase why your business is going to be the only to help them solve this problem.

So how does brand photography fit it? You craft a number of storylines that showcase both the empathy and authority your business has. This can be anything from behind the scenes, expressions, showcasing who you are to where you have come from. You do all this in a way that catches the attention of your ideal clients and really tells the story of your brand.

Want some examples of brand photography galleries? HERE you can find many galleries full of different storylines all crafted with the client’s brand in mind.

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Why Do You Need Brand Photography Anyway?

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