Therapist Personal Branding Photography

Salt Lake City, Utah Fall Photography Client Spotlight

Caroline is the owner of Topaz Healing a therapy practice that focuses on the mind-body connection and nervous system awareness to help heal trauma. As her business was growing she knew it was time her brand images grew alongside her business.

She wanted to go beyond the iPhone photos she had been using. She knew that it was time to upgrade to professional images, images that would match the level of professionalism she has in her business.

Caroline contacted me about crafting images she would use across her website, social media, and all marketing platforms. Images that would showcase how her business has grown to include outdoor sessions as well as indoor sessions in her new space.

After an initial consultation call Caroline and I decided it would be best for her to have a multi-hour session to accommodate multiple locations and talent she will have to tell a holistic view of her brand.

Together we crafted impactful images by utilizing the BH Brand Co. Method (Brand Strategy + Visual Direction + Photography).

The first location/storyline we crafted was an introduction to Caroline: who she is, what she enjoys, and letting her clients get to know her to create a level of confidence working with her.

The second location/storyline we crafted was showcasing her outdoor therapy sessions. We decided to have her photoshoot during the fall as that matched her brand colors and the overall feeling she wants her brand to evoke. Here we focused on both the behind-the-scenes work she does with clients and also on the restorative and enriching characteristics of nature.

The final location/storyline for the day was Caroline’s new location. It was important for this story to convey a sense of community, a welcoming and open space for all of those who walked through her doors.

Are you ready for images that speak directly to your ideal clients and showcase you as the professional business you know you are?

Learn more about how we can work together and serve your business with the BH Brand Co. Method.





Therapist Personal Branding Photography

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