The Key to a Killer Photo Shoot – Creative Direction

Creative direction in a photo shoot is the key to going beyond beautiful images. Simply put, it is the plan that comes before the session. It is so much more than logistics and coordination (though that is a part too). It is crafting visual storytelling – with a purpose.

You already know that planning your photo shoot is the difference between beautiful images and impactful images. But what do you even plan? Any why does it make such a difference?

As a business owner, you know that your visuals need to not only be beautiful but they have to work for you. The images need to look like your brand. They also need to be conveying the right message to your ideal clients. They will speak directly to your expertise, your style, and what you want your current and future clients to know and think about your business. Taking all these elements into consideration is what a visual creative director does and why you NEED one for your next photo shoot.

Creative direction is the key to unlocking an entire gallery of images that have an exact purpose. No more guesswork is needed. No more throwing spaghetti on the wall just to see what sticks. Your business deserves images that are planned and designed to convey a message in the mind of the viewer. Without visual creative direction, you are hoping that your investment sticks. With creative direction, you can feel confident that the investment you have made will pay off.

So what goes into the creative direction for a photoshoot?

  • Brand Project Summary
  • Building Visual concepts
  • Set design
  • Product Sourcing
  • Image Styling
  • Team coordination
  • Location Sourcing
  • Timeline Logistics
  • Compositional Needs
  • Master Action Plan Document

At BH Brand Co. creative direction is one key component of the method we use to craft push-the-limit and scroll-stopping images that talk directly to your ideal clients. Are you ready to uplevel your next photography session with creative direction? Check out the BH Brand Co. Method here.





The Key to a Killer Photo Shoot – Creative Direction

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